5 Fun Retro Party Ideas

Retro parties are one of the top ways people celebrate in the 2020s, so why not take a page out of that book and plan one yourself?  Although these parties require an eye for detail and some audience participation from your guests, anyone can design a party that’s both exciting and refreshing for everyone involved. 

These are the top fun retro party ideas and how you can make them work for you!

Hire a Tribute Musician

Tribute bands and musicians are the best way to ensure the music is fresh and exciting.  Hiring someone like Michael Francis Sinatra is awesome because it allows a connection to the past with awesome music and a fantastic chance to surprise and excite your guests.  Hiring a cover or tribute artist is also great because it’s more engaging than simply connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and calling it a day.

Have Polaroids For Pictures

Offer polaroid stations where people can stop and take pictures with old-fashioned polaroid cameras, instantly developing the photos so they can pin them up with everyone else.  This will create a fun giant collage by the end of the night that you’ll want to keep and cherish forever.

Treat it Like a Costume Party

Costume parties allow everyone to have fun and dress up and can make almost everyone far more excited about the idea of a party than they would be otherwise.  Leave loose rules so that nobody feels like they need to spend $5,000 on a period-specific disco outfit to fit in.  Make it clear that this is for fun, and the hokier the outfit, the better!

Go All Out With Food

Food may not seem era-specific: but it is.  Just like people were obsessed with jello in the 1950s, sushi in the 1990s, and sloppy joes in the 1980s, there are tons of foods that scream that they’re from a specific era.  Don’t be afraid to kick things up a notch!  A Black Forest cake can make a 1970s party feel even more 1970s, but that doesn’t mean you have to serve it with the tuna helper that was so popular back then!

Hold a Style Contest 

Hold a contest for who could pull off the best retro party look!  This contest can be against all of your guests, and you can have people vote via ballots.  Holding a competition like this is retro and can give a party the 1950s-1990s feeling without even trying. However, be aware that not everyone can afford to, or has the time to, create a luxurious look, so don’t allow anyone to feel bad for not dressing up or doing the most like others are.  

Your Retro Party Should Be a Blast!

Every party should be fun: but your retro party should blow people away! So pay attention to details to wow the crowd, and be clear when you ask people to wear outfits to the party.  This will ensure the entire event is fun and inspiring instead of falling flat.