Free online games for all the family

Keeping the family occupied can be tricky, particularly if you’ve got wide age gaps between your children. But it’s something we’ve definitely got better at over the last twelve months. Spending more time stuck at home together as a family has forced us to try new things in order to keep everybody happy. We wanted to try to keep everybody happy and busy without spending a fortune on activities or new toys. One of the best ways we’ve found is to get everybody involved in playing online games together.

Online gaming isn’t a new thing, but finding a platform that’s free to use and has a wide range of games for all ages is something we struggled with. With children aged from 5 up to 15, it’s not easy to get them all involved in the same thing. In fact, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But we recently discovered a free online gaming site that has a whole range of free to play games for the whole family. The children have all had a go at playing these games, and they’ve set challenges for each other too, it’s been great to see a little healthy competition between them all and I’m amazed they haven’t fallen out!

Here are their favourites:

Waffle Wordsearch Game

Our youngest child is following in the footsteps of his big brother and sister and loves playing video games. He is pretty intelligent for his age and really enjoys reading and understanding the games he plays.

His favourite game is currently the Waffle Wordsearch Game. He’s really keen on reading and loves sitting quietly hunting for the words. He also likes to ask us when he doesn’t understand a word so it’s a great way for him to develop his vocabulary.


With this particular wordsearch, the aim is to just find as many words as you can within the given time. He had a little help from his big brother with this one which was really lovely to see!


CannonBall has been a big hit with all of our children. I guess it’s hardly surprising when I think about the destruction they can cause to the house if left unattended for even the shortest amount of time!

This game is similar to the popular Angry Birds game, and the aim is to shoot cannonballs out a slingshot, destroy the knights and collect stars. It’s loads of fun and is really easy to control using either your mouse or touchscreen device.


These are just a couple of our favourites, but there are loads of different games and different genres to choose from. The great thing is that they are all free to play and easily accessible for pretty much all age ranges too. It’s great to find a resource that all of the children can enjoy together that doesn’t hurt my purse!