Fun City Things to Do on a Staycation

Taking time off to get away from work is the dream many people want.  Unfortunately, although most have unused vacation time available: most of us don’t have the money or time to travel.  Instead, we either bail on our vacation plans altogether or take time off and stay home and watch television.  These don’t have to be the only two options, though!  Instead of putting yourself through a boring week- here’s how to have the staycation of your dreams.

Focus On Food

Whether you’re taking time off to enjoy the bayou in Mississippi or are getting glitz and glammed up to look at Manhattan real estate, you’re going to need to eat.  The best part of a staycation is that you’re given a chance to plan and ensure you enjoy everything.  Get a reservation for a restaurant you’ve never been to but have always wanted to try, or set aside time to eat somewhere you haven’t gotten food from in years but feel nostalgic about.  You could even take up this staycation to learn new recipes and how to use fresh ingredients at home!

Get In Some Art

People visit museums in their home city less often than movie theaters, which leaves these art hubs often emptier than expected.  If you want to get out and enjoy some incredible art and creativity, plan at least a couple of visits to museums during your vacation.  This doesn’t mean you have to give up time to things you aren’t interested in; instead, you should seek out museums that cater to your interests.  This plan could mean that you end up going to science or history- but you should aim for something that will offer you depth and interesting new viewpoints.

Learn A Little History

This option isn’t another plea for you to go to a museum, instead get out and about and go to historical locations in your city that you haven’t seen before!  Whether it’s the city’s capital or a memorial walk downtown.  Sometimes this can double as fun, like the city’s oldest bar or a historic theater.  Many people don’t know the history of their town or what brought people to it- understanding this can make the entire town feel new to you.

Go To A Sports Game

His might sound vague, but there are so many different kinds of sports out there that there’s no one right option!  Keep an eye out on local news sites, and go to a game that will keep you entertained.  Whether it’s hockey, football, or even golf: getting outside and enjoying cheering on a team can be thrilling.  You can invite friends to join you, or have a great time going solo.  This timing would be a great time to see a local team that you’ve been putting off watching.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and splurge on fan gear and merchandise; it’ll be nice to have fun souvenirs to remember the day and vacation with.

No two cities are alike, each has its pros and cons, and nearly every city and town out there could be considered a vacation spot for someone: get out there and try to see it through new eyes!