How to be more confident this Summer

I am the first to admit that I really lack self-confidence. I think I must suffer from some kind of anxiety if I’m honest. I’m never happy with how I look and I always spend ages over-analysing every single conversation I have with people I don’t know all that well. But, this year, I’m really starting to work on how I feel about myself, and I’ve learnt a few things that are actually really helping me to feel more confident, so I thought I’d share them in case they’re useful to you too.

As any Mum will tell you, once you have kids, they tend to come first. It’s so easy to put your own needs at the back of the queue, and I guess it’s kind of natural in many ways too. But I’ve come to realise that this needs to change, at least for me anyway. My kids will always be my priority, but I do need to take time to take care of myself more, that’s for sure.

How to be more confident this Summer

One of the things I always beat myself up about is the way I look – I can honestly say I’m never happy! There are a few reasons I get upset, and I can actually do something about a couple of them. As I get older, I’m getting more self-conscious than ever before, so now is the time for me to sort this out.


Not only does regular exercise help you to maintain a healthy weight, it’s also great for making you feel better too. Exercising releases endorphins which are also known as the happy hormone. If you’re suffering with a low mood then even taking a few extra walks each week will help.

take regular exercise

Stay up to date with health checks

When you lead a busy life, it’s so easy to let health checks slide. You’re feeling ok so why bother?! In actual fact, it’s really important to keep up to date with medical checks. Women’s health tests don’t take too long and they’re really important for your long term health and wellbeing, so don’t put them off.

Getting tested regularly can help prevent any health conditions developing by staying ahead of the game.

Have a good skincare routine

It’s so easy just to go to bed and not bother cleansing your skin properly, but this can lead to blotchy, dry skin which won’t make you feel great about yourself.

Get yourself into a good skincare routine and make it a priority every night, your skin will thank you for it and you’ll feel much more confident about yourself.

skincare routine

Just taking a little time each day to take care of yourself will make a real difference to your confidence, so make sure you make it a priority from now on.