How to Create a Multi-Functional Bedroom

The lockdowns we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many of us were forced to spend more time at home than ever before. Those of us who could work from home were advised to do so and for many, this meant finding a place to sit and work each day. Even though life has now mostly returned to normal, many firms are continuing to allow their employees to work from home. This has benefits for both the employee and the company but it does mean that you may need to think about a more permanent way to use your living space for both work and home life. Creating a multi-functional space in your bedroom could make all the difference.

What is a multi-functional bedroom?

A multi-functional bedroom is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a room that can be used as both a bedroom and for another purpose. Usually, this would be an office space but if you live in a small apartment, it could well be a living space too.

Multi-Functional Bedroom

How to create a multi-functional space

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large bedroom so you may need to be a little clever about how you create extra space.

Consider a folding wall bed

One of the best ways to free up space in your bedroom is to have a folding wall bed. Built in wall beds can be folded away during the day to free up valuable floor space.

A bed that can be folded away is particularly useful in a spare room that doubles as a home office. It gives you a quiet space to work from home as well as space for friends and family to stay over too.

Multi-purpose furniture

Dressing tables can also work as desks, so rather than have two separate pieces of furniture, you could invest in one that will work in both roles.

Ensure you have adequate storage

When floor space is at a premium, it’s important to make sure that you have adequate storage for your belongings. Built in wardrobes are a great way to make use of awkward spaces such as alcoves and you can store a lot in them as they go from the floor right up to the ceiling. One of the widest choices of fitted wardrobes is offered by Urban Wardrobes (official web page –

Downsize your furniture

You can easily free up some space by using smaller items of furniture. Switching from a king size bed to a double is one easy way to do this. Also consider getting rid of any items you simply don’t use – that exercise bike that just sits there covered in clothes for example! Make sure your furniture is practical for the space you have.

If you need to create a multi-functional space in your home, then it’s worth spending a little time and money getting it right so that your home becomes a practical space that fits your needs.

*This is a collaborative post.