Low Maintenance Indoor Plants UK List

In the busy world we live in, it’s no wonder many people are searching for low-maintenance indoor plants to brighten up their homes without adding extra chores to their to-do lists. Indoor plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space, but they also improve air quality and provide a relaxing atmosphere. The good news is, you don’t need to be an expert gardener or have a green thumb to successfully maintain these easy-care plants.

UK residents have a wealth of low-maintenance indoor plants to choose from, appealing to a variety of tastes and suitable for different room conditions. Some popular options include the string of hearts, with its elegant trailing leaves and rose-pink underside, and the eye-catching ponytail palm, also known as an elephant’s foot. For a plant that can thrive in various light conditions, the adaptable asparagus fern is another great choice.

With so many low-maintenance indoor plant options available in the UK, there’s no better time to introduce some greenery into your home. With minimal effort, you can create an inviting, refreshing atmosphere while reaping the benefits of cleaner air and better overall wellbeing. So why not give it a try and explore the world of hassle-free indoor plants?

Benefits of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Low maintenance indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular in UK homes. Not only do they add a touch of greenery and natural beauty to living spaces, but they also come with several benefits that can significantly improve your overall well-being.

One of the primary benefits of having indoor plants is the improvement of air quality. Houseplants are natural air purifiers, as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Additionally, they can break down harmful chemicals and pollutants present in the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde, thereby creating a cleaner atmosphere for you and your family.

Another advantage of low maintenance indoor plants is their ability to boost productivity. Studies have shown that having plants in your home or workspace can increase concentration, focus, and creativity. This is particularly important for those working or studying from home, as a greener environment leads to reduced stress and improved mental well-being.

Choosing low maintenance indoor plants, such as Snake Plant or Pothos, means that you can enjoy the benefits of houseplants without spending too much time on upkeep. These hardy plants are suitable for shaded spots in your home, making it easier to manage their care – like watering and providing nutrients with liquid fertiliser.

In conclusion, incorporating low maintenance indoor plants into your home can contribute to a healthier and happier environment. By purifying the air and promoting productivity, these plants can have a significant impact on your daily life, all while requiring minimal effort to maintain.

Top Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for the UK

In this section, we will explore some of the best low maintenance indoor plants for the UK. These plants are perfect for those with busy lifestyles and looking to add some greenery to their living spaces without having to invest a lot of time and effort into plant care.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of. It requires minimal watering and can survive in low light conditions, making it ideal for the UK environment.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants UK - Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plants are popular for their ability to thrive in low light and tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They are also known for their air-purifying qualities.

Jade Plant

Jade Plants, sometimes called Money Trees, are hardy succulents that require minimal watering and can tolerate low-light conditions. They’re a popular choice for bringing good fortune to homes and offices.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are well-known for their elegant, white flowers and glossy, green leaves. They prefer medium to low light and can tolerate under-watering without wilting, making them a great low-maintenance option.

Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail Palm adds a tropical touch to any room and is known for its long, thin leaves that resemble a ponytail. This plant thrives in bright, indirect light and only needs occasional watering.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are hardy and adaptable, requiring minimal light and watering. Their glossy leaves and compact growth habit make them a popular choice for homes and offices alike.


Orchids can be low-maintenance with the right care, such as providing adequate humidity and not overwatering. Their exotic blooms bring a touch of elegance to indoor spaces.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants UK - Orchid

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plants, with their large, glossy leaves, add a touch of drama to any indoor space. They are adaptable to different light conditions and need moderate watering.


Philodendrons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them versatile for different indoor environments. They require low to medium light levels and moderate watering.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens are prized for their variegated foliage and ability to thrive in low-light conditions. They’re also easy to care for, requiring only occasional watering.

Asparagus Fern

These feathery ferns prefer bright, indirect light and need regular watering to keep their foliage looking its best.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are trailing plants that look great in hanging planters or as a desktop plant. They thrive in low to medium light and require minimal watering.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus blooms with beautiful, tubular flowers once a year, usually around the holiday season. It prefers bright, indirect light and requires occasional watering.

String of Hearts

This trailing plant is perfect for hanging baskets or window sills. It’s drought-tolerant and does well in bright, indirect light, making it low-maintenance and easy to care for.

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palms bring a tropical vibe to indoor spaces with their arching fronds. They can tolerate low light and need only occasional watering.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plants are not only low-maintenance but also have many beneficial properties, such as their gel being useful for soothing burns and skin irritations. They require bright, indirect light and infrequent watering.

Aspidistra Elatior

Also known as the Cast Iron Plant, the Aspidistra Elatior thrives in low light conditions and requires little watering, making it a perfect low-maintenance option.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls is a succulent that cascades over containers, making it an ideal choice for hanging baskets. It needs bright, indirect light and minimal watering.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants UK - String of Pearls

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a popular choice for indoor spaces due to its large, split leaves. It prefers bright, indirect light and requires regular watering.

Marble Queen Pothos

The Marble Queen Pothos is a variegated version of the Golden Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy. This plant is low maintenance, requiring low to medium light levels and minimal watering.


Haworthia are small, low-growing succulents with striking, fleshy leaves. They require bright, indirect light and infrequent watering.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree is a tall, statement plant that adds interest to indoor spaces. It can tolerate a range of light conditions and requires only occasional watering.