Tips to stay healthy and safe travelling after lockdown

With lockdown due to be lifted around May to June time, if all goes according to plan, many families are ready for a well-earned escape from the troubles of this year. However, before jumping online to book those plane tickets or hotel rooms here are 5 tips and tricks to stay healthy and safe after lockdown

Stay on top of government guidelines. Over the last year, the rules are changed so often and this summer will not be any different. Before making any plains it’s important to check as well as stay on top of what you are and aren’t allowed do. This doesn’t just apple to where you live but where you are going as Wales, Scotland, Northern Island and well as any other countries all have their own restriction and lockdown exist time tables.

Consider vacationing in the UK and enjoy the great outdoors. With the rules changing so often and every country having their own, ever changing, restrictions it could be risky to book holidays abroad this year. So maybe this year stick to the UK. There are plenty of amazing places to see and activities to experience from amazing beaches to lechery resorts right here in the UK. A trip to the great outdoors might also be a great idea to stay healthy and safe after lockdown. Not only does the open spaces of one of the UK’s many national parks offer a break from urban life but the open air will greatly lower the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus.

Avoid public transport. Although a more costly and environmentally unfriendly option taking your own transport will greatly decrease the chances of contracting or spreading the virus. This might not be an option for all of us so If you do take public transport remember to check the rules and guidelines and adhere to them at all times for yours and others safety.

Hold of big friends/family gave rings. It might be tempting to immediately arrange to see or travel with a large group as we haven’t been able to spend as much time with the ones with love recently. But it’s important to remember that the virus is still a present threat to you as well as others. It might be an idea to only travel with members of your immediate household as the fewer people you come into contact with the less chance you have of contracting or spreading the viruses.

Always be cautious, carrying a mask, wash your hands and having the correct insurance. Whether you stay in the UK or go abroad its important to stay cautious. Always carry and were a mask when going to areas of high population density like shops or town centres as well as wash or sanitize your hand on a regular basis. If going abroad it might also be an idea to make sure that your travel insurance covers Covid-19, some might not. Also make sure to have an up to date GHIC card with you when abroad.