Use custom gift tags to add the perfect touch this Christmas

After the washout that was Christmas 2020, I think we’re all hoping for a much better celebration this year. I know that as a family, we are going all out this Christmas to make it one to remember for all the right reasons.

Christmas is all about spending time with the ones we love the most and making special, happy memories together. For me, my happiest childhood memories are the simplest things – the chunks of dairy milk chocolate Mum would put out on Christmas Eve, the way my brother would climb into my bed with his stocking in the early hours to open the little stocking fillers together before anybody else woke up, and the number of times my Mum would have to hoover up all the pine needles on the floor from our real Christmas tree! It just goes to show that Christmas doesn’t need to be about big, expensive presents and lavish food, but the most precious memories are of the littlest details, especially for Christmas.

Adding the finishing touches to Christmas Gifts

Christmas isn’t about how much money you spend on people. If I think back to my childhood, I can honestly only remember two of my Christmas presents! One was a bike and the other was a flower press! My memories of Christmas aren’t about the gifts I received, but they are about the little details that my parents put into that special time of year.

Of course, giving gifts is one of the nicest parts of Christmas, but we can give precious gifts without spending a fortune. A lot of what makes a gift special is the thought that goes into it. If you give somebody a gift that you have obviously thought long and hard about and personalised it just for them, then they will truly appreciate it.

Wrapping gifts with beautiful paper and maybe adding a beautiful ribbon too makes the gift so much nicer to receive. It shows you’ve put time and effort into creating something special for someone you think really deserves it. To give your gifts that extra special look, you can also add custom gift tags to create a really personalised, one of a kind feel.

Custom Christmas Gift Tags

Aura Print have lots of options for custom gift tags and Christmas cards and they’re priced really fairly, making them an affordable yet personalised option. With their custom gift tags, you have the option to choose the shape and measurement of your tags, and even where you’d like them to put the hole for the string. The tags really are tailor made to each individual order, and they make a great addition to any gift.

I chose a brown tag featuring a cute Rudolph. I think these will make great additions to presents for all the family, from the kids right through to the grandparents, and I can’t wait to get the presents wrapped up, write a special message on the tags, and set them under the tree ready for the big day.

Aura Print Custom Gift Tag

Getting your gift tags custom made is surprisingly cheap and it adds a really lovely touch to your Christmas gifts. You can use them for the children, family, friends and even the kids’ teachers if you’re planning to give them a gift this Christmas. Aura Print offer gift tags that can be completely customised. You can choose:

  • Tag shape & orientation
  • String/no-string
  • Size
  • Type of paper
  • Thickness
  • Size of hole
  • Black & white or full colour
  • Lamination
  • Painted edges
  • Shape of corners

You can even upload your own artwork to use on the tags which makes it a great option for businesses looking to send out promotional products or gifts to their clients in the run up to Christmas. And the best bit about shopping with Aura Print is that your whole order can be done online in the comfort of your own home. As a busy, working mum of three, this is a huge plus for me. I have to admit that I have done almost all of my Christmas shopping and preparation online this year, I just don’t have the time in between work, school runs and looking after the kids to head out and visit the shops. Online shopping that’s 100% customisable to my specific requirements is definitely the way forward.

If you’re looking for something special to add the finishing touch to your gifts this Christmas, then customised gift tags are definitely the way forward. It’s so simple and only takes a few minutes, and within days your custom designed gift tags will land on your doorstep.

*This is a collaborative post.